Company's Eastern Energy Plus Co., Ltd. was established and registered as a limited company under the Civil and Commercial Code. With the Registrar of Partnership Bangkok on July 5, 2554 with a registered capital of 1 million baht by the administration until the current account registered capital of 2,500 million baht with the aim of establishing and developing management center waste processed into renewable energy is environmentally friendly. Currently, project management Landfill area in section T.Praksamai . Bangkok
         The objective is to establish and develop a waste management center processed into renewable energy is environmentally friendly. A group of executives with expertise in management , industrial waste and municipal solid waste into renewable energy. Throughout the various technologies A period of not less than 10 years, has agreed to carry the channel, Waste Management . To be processed into renewable energy , environmentally friendly forms such as the production of oil from plastic waste. And electricity Using appropriate technology Pollution-free and environmentally friendly . And provides the appropriate location acceptable to the local community to establish a unified scheme . By the consensus of the community .        
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